ELENZA, Inc. - Electronic Intraocular Lens

ELENZA, Inc. is developing the world's first electronic "AutoFocal" Intraocular Lens to compete in the multi-billion dollar IOL market. Elenza's highly proprietary next generation Accommodating IOL is designed to give patients a complete visual range, providing effective near, intermediate and distance vision. These electro-active IOLs use a proprietary combination of liquid-crystal chemistry, electricity, and integrated-circuitry to create smart optics, which will provide patients with the ability to see more naturally and clearly over the full range of vision. The technology includes an electro-active switchable element that automatically adjusts focusing power electronically, in milliseconds, to maintain constant in-focus vision for various working needs and/or light environments. The lens is controlled by a micro-sized power-cell with an expected 50+ year rechargeable cycle life.


To learn more about ELENZA, contact:
Rudy Mazzocchi / CEO
P: 321.229.2014
Email: rudy@elenza.com

Eye World - February, 2012

Electronic IOLs: The future of cataract surgery

Introducing the ELENZA Sapphire AutoFocal IOL, the world's first implantable lens with artificial intelligence

Imagine offering a cataract patient an IOL powered by its own power cell and computer chip embedded inside. It's rechargeable and fully programmable, allowing the physician to tweak its optical power as the patient's visual needs change.

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